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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interview Tips for Call Center agents wannabes

For me, the most anticipated part of a job hunt is the interview part. I can still remember the time when I was looking for a job, I always look forward to being interviewed since it is the best time for me to sell my self to the person interviewing me. I would say that out of the 5 jobs that I applied for staring when I was in college, the success rate is at a 100%.

My current job now requires me to interview applicants seeking for an opportunity to work in the ever changing call center world. I find it frustrating though that oftentimes, people that I talk to end up not being hired, either they are so messed up because they are a nervous wreck and couldn't think straight, and their comms skills are below of what is expected of a call center applicant. So with that, I came up with 4 simple tips on attending a job interview for call centers.

1. Show up early - when they mention the interview time, make sure that you are there at least 30 mins before the actual time, that way you would still have enough time to compose yourself and get ready for the actual job interview. Relaxing your mind definitely helps you in making sure that you don't blab nonsense when being asked by the interviewer. If ever that you are late just apologize for being late and DO NOT ever ever give any excuse as to why you were late.

2. Dress up accordingly - this should be a no-brainer. It's like when you are giving a birthday gift, you wrap it and present it properly. when applying for a job, always present yourself in an appropriate manner. remember that the first impression always and oftentimes sticks to the person that you will be talking to.

3. Sell your self - this is very common for all applicants attending job interviews, mention your accomplishments if being asked to talk more about your self. However, take note that 80% of the time, questions that are going to be asked by the interviewer are based on what you said and have presented. So make sure that you do not start imagining and mentioning things that you did not really achieve as this will eventually show up and will be identified by the interviewer.

4. Speak clearly - need I say more? never mumble and eat your words, enunciate words properly, but do not over enunciate as you will sound too tight. Never use high-falluting words, since this will eventually lead to your downfall. As much as possible use simple straight english words thus less room for mistakes. Remember, you are applying for a call center position so make sure that this is where you should be the strongest. Remember that you are applying for a call center position and the interviewer would likely want to hear you talk. So better speak up or forever hold your peace. Oh by the way I almost forgot, make sure that you brush your teeth before anything else. :)

Hopefully with these tips, it will help you achieve that call center job that you have long desired.

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