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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Destiny for Kobe?

It is the NBA finals between The Eastern Conference Champs, Orlando Magic vs The Western Conference Champs the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a series that was somehow unexpected, since majority of the viewers and avid NBA followers are rooting for a Lebron vs Kobe finals, meaning Cavs vs Lakers, but that didn't happen though, thanks to Dwight Howard and the Magic who eventually spoiled what could have been one of the most anticipated NBA finals. Enough of that though. During the 1st game, I together with 5 of my officemates went to National Sports Grill to watch Game 1 via a wide screen that was setup inside the place, of course this will not be complete without a bucket of beer (well make that 2 buckets) :) It was my first time doing that and I had fun because I was with friends and officemates while watching the game and most importantly, Lakers won. :)

We are now halfway through the series and as the game shifts to Orlando for Games 3,4and possibly 5 the series just gets better. I can't wait for the drama to unfold. Will Kobe win his fourth ring in 13 years and finally lead his Lakers to the coveted championship or will Dwight Howard and the Magic spoil the fun?

That is the beauty of watching basketball, you can't determine who wins until the final buzzer is heard.


Chubibo Espesyal said...

i can determine who'll win... lakers in 5... that's right! lakers hell yeah!

Chubibo Espesyal said...

and destiny it is my friend... 4 baby! 4 !