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Thursday, March 19, 2009

How much are you worth?

Have you ever asked that question to yourself lately? Offensive as it may sound, but come to think of it, it will make you ponder how much you really are treasured, both personally and professionally.

When was the last time your loved ones did things to you that made you feel appreciated? When was the last time that you got commended by your boss for a job well done?

Simple things that are taken for granted by some, however it basically molds you as a person. It affects how you interact with other people and how you perform your job. Getting appreciated in return means being appreciative of others, be it a weakness or a strength of a person.

So maybe the next time you might want to stop and ask the question, how much am i really worth? Take time to note down people that appreciates you, your parents,your wife, husband, children, officemates and everyone else that you can think of for who knows, there might not be a next time.


Chubibo Espesyal said...

is this because of Francis M's departure? you're too emotional dude... it all ends sometime...

venom said...

recently I just received an award from work...being choosen as one of those employee with outstanding work performance is something that I truely appreciate...being recognized in the span of 2yrs of hard work is realy something...but in exchange for it I had to leaved my comfort zone...I have to face new work challenges...they say that it's formy own growth...i am trying to look to that point of view...right now, i'm just cruising along this so called growth....