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Monday, May 11, 2009

pacman mania!!!

Hey fellas, am back! After a 3 week hiatus (sort of). Haven't been writing much, since i have been so engrossed with other stuff. But the last 3 weeks was nothing but good to could have been better experiences. I was able to watch the Pacquiao v Hatton match at SM Sta. Rosa and as expected it was one big event that majority of the people have been expecting. Once I got home, my uncle told me that they were able to watch the Pay Per View telecast via cable (the same thing the we were watching at SM) Dang! I spent 900 pesos for this and then all of a sudden I would learn that it was shown on cable TV!!! What the @#$% .... no regrets though, the athmosphere inside the cinema was electric! Though I was happy that Pacquiao brought honor once again to our beloved homeland, I lost 2 hundred bucks over a friendly bet in which we choose what round Pacquiao would KO Hatton, I picked round 4 but it was never close :)

But then again, that is what you get if you bet, you win some, lose some. Good thing it was all for fun.

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