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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My childhood dream: Radio Disc Jockey

I used to work as a radio disc jockey for a local radio station in Naga City. Our genre consists of R&B, Hip-Hop, POP and top 40 hits similar to what people see in MTV. When I started working as a DJ, it was a culmination of a childhood dream. I vividly remember when I was in my grade school days, I used to dream of working as a radio disc jockey, I remember that I used to do role play while inside the bathroom, changing my voice and blabbing the entire time. Introducing songs, greeting people and talking about nonsense stuff, I imitate jocks that I hear before and try as hard as possible to sound like them which I totally fail to do. Not when I stepped into college where I saw the opportunity to have my childhood dream realized. Radio stations in Naga are just a ride away and some even a walk away from my grandmother's place. I got so engrossed with radio that I became a regular caller at one of the stations there! Heck even attended EB's just to be a certified member. Then after 2 years, I finally got the gig, one of the jocks asked me to audition and luckily I got hired. I was the youngest DJ then, I was 19. I have never felt so good after that instance. I was living my childhood dream and realizing every moment of it.

My close to 3 years of radio work helped me develop my social, interpersonal and communication skills and I was very thankful that I got to experience doing it since it prepared me for the real world outside college.

Now, I currently work in the BPO industry for almost 7 years, but still the idea of me going back to radio is there. Imagine, how many people around the world gets to fulfil their childhood fantasy? I guess I am one of those lucky few.

I missed being a DJ. The itch to go on-the-air is still there. Now I remember what my former jock mates said that, "once a DJ always a DJ" hopefully, I can still get the chance and do it all again.

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