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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Luxury or Necessity?

I happened to read an article saying that, 138 countries, including Rwanda, have faster broadband than PHL. Holy Kamote! I would imagine, other countries such as South Korea, US and China but Rwanda? Just imagine, Rwanda, a small African nation, with a population of just 9 million! 9 million compared to the Philippines 94 million! How on earth did that happen? I wonder if our government knows about this, or better yet if they care about this. Time is already changing and we are now living in a world where information technology is already influencing a nation's culture and society. I do not have anything against Rwanda but it just sucks to know that a country like the PHL is lagging behind in terms of Information Technology, internet connectivity is no longer a luxury but is a necessity. Our government should seriously look into this and help improve this condition or else we would continue to lag behind our neighboring countries and left to eat on their crumbs.

Below is the link for the article.

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