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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bigg's Diner finally at SM Sta. Rosa

When I was still studying in Naga City, I used to eat a lot at Biggs Diner because I love the taste of the food that they are offering, from their classic Spaghetti with Chicken, their Chicken with Rice meal together with their mouthwatering coleslaw and a slew of other tasty food. After I graduated, I had to move back to Laguna and find work. I sure have fond memories of Biggs when it comes to good food and had always craved for the taste of Biggs. I was hoping that they soon expand outside Naga. Though it took them a while, Biggs just recently opened their SM City Sta. Rosa branch last March 4, 2011 and my wife and I made sure that we get to eat lunch there. The place looked nice! A throwback of the early 60’s and 70’s similar to what they have in Naga and the rest of their branches. I felt a little nostalgic seeing the designs that they put in, their tables set up like the inside car of a train. Overall design was good and very appealing to the eyes. It sure made an impact on me and my wife.

Of course the visit will not be complete without the order. For my wife she ordered the tenderloin tips complete with carrot, corn, beans as side dish and mashed potato.While I had my classic favorite, Pork Cordon Bleu together with a mix of carrot, corn, beans as side dish and mashed potato plus a glass of their delicious and very tasteful iced tea. The food was prepared correctly and we only had to wait 5 minutes for our food to be served. The crews were all smiles and very friendly. Though it took a while for Biggs to open, it was worth the wait. My wife and I felt like kids while enjoying the food that we ordered. It was our first time to visit and eat at Biggs after how many years and I am sure that it will not be the last.

Biggs Rocks!

Check out some of the pics from our visit...

While waiting for our food
My wife enjoying her Tenderloin Tips
God I missed this Pork Cordon Bleu!
I love the taste of Biggs
Great Interior, definitely a blast from the past


Joni Patricia said...


I got your link from Ms. Marica Buenaflor, wife of the General Manager of Bigg's, Carlo Buenaflor.

Ms. Marica is the Sub-distributor of Havaianas in South Luzon. Compagnie de Catalina Corp. is the name of the company, for which I am working as a Marketing Assistant.

This first week of April we have a press launching for an event. We would be inviting bloggers and media groups to maximize the promotion.

Please feel free to reach me at jonicatalina@gmail.com if you have queries.

Hoping for your positive and immediate feedback.

Thank you!


Acielle Garcera said...


This is Ace Garcera from Bigg's. Thanks so much for your positive feedback about our Sta. Rosa branch. It made our day.

We will have our grand opening on April 1, 2011 at 9AM. We hope you could join us then. Is there an email add where we can send you the invite?

Feel free to drop by our branch on April 1 and join us for the grand opening.


chinelas said...

Hi Ace! I am not sure if I can attend since I would end my work at 9AM and would be coming all the way from Makati. But I will drop by in the afternoon.

Thanks for the comment and invite.