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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bonding the different way

I started writing about the NBA finals between the Lakers and the Celtics in my blog and now that it is over I feel like I need to write something about another sport that I like to watch. Boxing, and the upcoming match between Pacquiao and Diaz is something that I am waiting for.
I have been reading a lot of articles about this fight (thanks to www.mannypacquiao.ph and www.philboxing.com) and I can say that the stakes are much higher for Pacquiao. Why? Because he is going to take a shot at a historic event by being the only Asian, (pinoy to that matter) to become a 4 weight division champion. I know some of you might ask, what the heck or would even comment that I don't like boxing, errr but even if you don't know about boxing and you don't like to watch it, this is something I am proud of since I am like Pacquiao, to say the least. (You know what I mean..)
The last match that Pacquiao had with Marquez, I watched it together with my Dad via the PAY PER VIEW in SM and to be honest my heart was pounding fast everytime I see Pacquiao gets hit with a counter punch from Marquez, maybe this is caused by too much caffeine that I get in the office but it gets me excited everytime I see Pacquiao step into the ring. I wanted to buy tickets for the Pacquiao vs. Diaz bout but I guess the timing is not right, I don't have the dineros to spend since I need to bring my Dad along with me and that would cost like Php 1000 just for the 2 of us.
I'll just watch it delayed :( and I will definitely turn my cellphone off so that party poopers will not spoil the day. If I can just watch it for free via the web ( I know there is something out there....) I'd definitely to do that.
June 29th will be another bonding moment for the whole family because we are sure to watch this blockbuster. I am a pinoy obviously and I am rooting for Pacquiao to win this match when he fights Diaz on the 29th, it is history in the making and I definitely wouldn't miss it for the world.


memgap said...

I think the whole world is waiting for this event. However, I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch their fight.

Also, I don't believe chinelas in saying that he doesn't MONEY... C'mon... I know you... :P

rhodamarie said...

I hope you don't mind me putting you on my bloglist. - rhoda

Chubibo Espesyal said...

just a note to those people celebrating with the celtics in their championship now... "YOU GUYS SUCK!!!"

don't boost your ego's by claiming that you are all legit boston fans... you guys never even bothered to look at boston's way last year when they had an awful season with a 24-58 Win-Loss standing and now you're celebrating with them? who you foolin' EGO TRIPPERS ?!?!?

last year you were with cleveland, and then detroit the year before that... san antonio when they got the trophy? so who's next? tsk tsk... i pity you guys... GET A LIFE !!! :)

bolekol said...

hahaha...i agree with you tsubibo on that note...i know you're a big kobe bryant fan tsubibo but i really think that memphis(lakers developmental league team)HAHAHA!... should be the MVP because they definitely make the Lakers team better...much better!...lol

Chubibo Espesyal said...

Chris Paul should have been the MVP !!!