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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sports: AZKALS on the rise

AZKAL fever is reaching its peak and football is starting to gain its much needed break in this basketball frenzy country of ours. With the recent showing of the AZKALS last year in the Suzuki Cup, the support has already trickled in, different individuals from the private sectors are giving out their support to make sure that football gains its momentum and hopefully elevate the level of play of the players. Let us just pray that politics will not ruin the current momentum that they are gaining since this will definitely hamper the progress of the team and also the sport in general. It's time that our government switch their focus on the type of sports that needs to be prioritized, other than boxing we can definitely benefit from playing football as this does not require someone to be a 7 footer in order to be a player, height is not a requirement when you play football unlike basketball. Heck, we might have an even higher chance of getting gold medal in the asian games here rather than basketball.

With the continued rise of support of the filipino public for the Azkals, I am hoping that one of these days, they would be able to capture the Asian Cup Title and hopefully represent the country in the FIFA world cup... That would be awesome! But as a start, hopefully they don't get too excited and let the fame get into their head and continue working hard and stepping up through the challenge.

Football together with boxing is a sport where Filipinos can excel. We have lots of good and natural born players, they just need an avenue wherein they can show it. Hopefully our government realizes this and develops a grass root program aimed towards discovering new talents from different parts of the country.

The AZKALS will be hosting Mongolia in an AFC qualifying match this February 9, 2011 at the Panaad Stadium in Bacolod. If you want to watch them play, it will be broadcasted live on Studio 23 at 6:30PM.