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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Graduation High

My recollection of the day I graduated from kinder way back in the 80's was all about how I looked, clad in a white polo with matching bowtie and black pants and that is all of it. Today, my oldest son, graduated from Junior Kinder and when I saw how he looked like, felt like I was transported back during my kinder years. My mom and dad were saying, I looked exactly like him...only darker. :)

It was fun to see my oldest son marching down to the beat of "pomp and circumstance" (I think that's the title of the hymn being played). I can see the smile from his face and brimming with excitement and full of energy. I just wish that he would carry the same passion until the time that he graduate from college.

Graduation really is a high (I know it was for me when I graduated college), however for some it signals the start of something unknown, graduating was yet another question that needs to be answered,not knowing how will they move forward since they don't even know what's life outside the 4 corners of the walled classroom. Though for my son, well, graduation signals the end of school season, just another ordinary day.

rye(left) with his friend before the ceremonies

during their presentation

too darn tired

finally my own diploma


Chubibo Espesyal said...

i hear his Godfather is a hunk... tsk tsk... darn lucky kid!

chinelas said...

tsk tsk tsk, deym godfather, haven't even sent any gifts yet... :)

UNKNOWN said...

so adorable..