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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Not so Holy Week

Hey folks!I finally got some time to write down some stuff here after 2 weeks. Got a little bit busy with work and my social life (at last) my friend came over from the states and had some fun visiting EK. :) (brought me the entire gang...wife, kids and the yaya..LOLs).

Well right now, it is scorching hot inside my room, the EF isn't able to do much Damn! I should consider buying and AC, though i just don't think that it is a necessity for me to get one and besides summer should be over soon (in 1 month time) so I think this EF can hold. :)

Oh BTW, How was your Holy Week? Have you had any chance to go out for a vacation and spend your week somewhere else? Well, if you ask me, I had a chance to spend my Holy Thursday and Friday guess where?.. Work! Though Saturday was a bit different since I got to spend the day helping my wife prepare for a birthday party at her aunts place! Yap you got it right a party on a BLACK SATURDAY! Anyway, other than the party, that pretty much sums up the week that was. Sunday was spent... Sleeping... :) Failed to hear mass, but I'll make it up next week, I know it's something that I should be doing every Sunday but I have to admit, I am not a regular Church goer, but I am trying...I am...

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