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Friday, March 27, 2009

Arrgh! Headache...

Having a terrible headache right now, it was probably because of the rain earlier this morning when I got out from work,who would have thought that it was going to rain, darn! it's the friggin summer season and summers' supposed to be... well... hot! Good thing it's my VL (again) today, Friday and I think I just need to sleep this over and hopefully tomorrow I'm okay. T'was quite a busy day for me, after work I met up with my friend who just came back from the states last night and got a small "pasalubong", a new pair of shoes... ;). Also I am a bit excited since I would get to see my oldest son, graduate from junior prep this Saturday, gee I can't wait! Later my wife would buy him stuff that he needs to use for tomorrows' event, well as for me, I need to sleep :) Hopefully though I can post some pictures just to share, but I would still think about it.

Well I guess thats' about it. Things that I did today and things that I'll be doing over the weekend and like what previously mentioned, I need some catching up to do with my fatherhood skills coz I am a bit rusty already and this graduation wouldn't have come any sooner... :)


memgap said...

You're always on VL. Go back to work. I am the one who needs a break. Hahaha

Chubibo Espesyal said...

tsk tsk... always out GALAVANTING with friends... what a role model to us all... whattashame... hahahaha!

chinelas said...

hehe. GALAVANTING, sounds like... GALVANIZING... lols... anyway it ain't bad to GALAVANT sometimes... :)