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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Entertainment: TV5 feeling the heat of Willie Revillame's latest controversy

Is Willie Revillame the proper noun of CONTROVERSIAL? Damn! Everywhere he goes he is always at the center of it and now TV5 is feeling the heat already with yet another controversy of one of their most prized acquisition.

Willie Revillame is undergoing another barrage of criticism from all sector of the society for the alleged child abuse incident that he did with one of the contestants from his prime time show, Willing Willie.

In case you haven't heard, the Movie Television Review and classification Board (MTRCB) has issued a statement against ABC TV5 regarding the incident that happened last March 12, 2011 wherein a six year old boy Jan-Jan Estrada dancing in tears on Willing Willie to a cheering studio audience.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Commission on Human Rights and other groups such as the United Nations Childrens Education Fund (UNICEF) have already called for reforms in television programming involving children.

In response to the ongoing controversy, TV5 mentioned that they will follow stricter guidelines on the appearance and performance of minors on all of their programs and even created a new Standards Advisory Board composed of creative directors, psychologists and a childrens communication expert. The move is a welcome sight to make sure that no minors are exploited by any shows just for the sake of rating and entertainment.

Though I think the move failed to impress MTRCB since what they wanted ABC TV5 to do is impose punitive sanctions on the program that ranges from a reprimand up to cancellation of the program (which i don't think TV5 would ever do).

I'm sure ABS-CBN must be smiling on the side with all of this controversies that is hounding their former cash cow.

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chinelas said...

Update: Willing Willie will go off the air for two week starting April 11th.