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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Local News: 19 Year old Teen Wonder, breaks UP academic record

John Gabriel Pelias, 19 years old is already holding a degree in Mathematics, nothing unusual there but wait til you read this...He graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE at the University of the Philippines. Plus, he got a general weighted average (GWA) of 1.016 which is the highest ever GWA garnered in UP history after World War II or make that around 63 years.
Such a remarkable feat from this 19 year old teenager. He is the epitome of what the University of the Philippines is all about.

Pelias, never considered poverty as a hindrance to reaching his goal and fulfilling his dream to study in one of the premier university in the country and with hardwork, his good study habits and some help from scholarships, he not only fulfilled his dream but eventually set up an academic record which to me would take another half a century to be broken or possibly even more.

In one of his interviews, Pelias mentioned that his immediate plans after graduation would be to teach and serve the University that gave him the opportunity to learn and achieve his dreams. Teaching is his passion according to Pelias and it is where he finds fulfillment, also he added that it is his own way of giving back.

A very humble and noble intention considering that with what He achieved, He can opt to go out of the country and work there, but this teen wonder, doesn't have to go far to do that, he already found a place where he can contribute his knowledge, that is his alma mater, his home.

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