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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tech News: Tweetwars! Jim Paredes vs Gringo Honasan

Nowadays when you want to bash, praise, comment, give feedback on someone you can do that via twitter. In case you are living under a rock and do not know what twitter is about, it is a social networking site that is being used by majority of the celebrities and politicians all over the world, in the Philippines, this is also the same avenue for celebrities and politicians to dabble into sometimes educational and oftentimes downright dumb discussions which ends up being a complete waste of time.

I happened to read the tweetwars between Gringo Honasan and Jim Paredes last week and can't seem to get over his statement, "get elected first, even as Brgy. Captain. Then lets talk"

WTF??? That is just plain rubbish in my own honest opinion. Why do we need to be an elected official first in order to talk to an incumbent or seating official? An absurd thinking from an elected official! That is why our country is so far behind since politicians feels like they are god and no one can talk to them nor get near them unless they are part of their clique and their inner circle. What a shame!

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