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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jessica Sanchez shines on stage of NBA Finals 2012 Game 1

Using the words of the Dawg, Randy Jackson,

"Jessica Sanchez slayed it".

This is referring to her performance of the US National Anthem in the 1st game of the Nationally televised Game 1 of the NBA Finals between Oklahoma and Miami.

Jessica Sanchez has performed on two major sporting events already, from the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight to the NBA FInals.

She is already reaping her rewards after being the runner up in Season 11 of American Idol

Jessica Sanchez has been getting good feedback about her two recent performances of the Star Spangled Banner. In fact her rendition in the NBA Finals trended worldwide on Twitter with the topics
“Jessica Sanchez”, “Star Spangled Banner”, “She SANG” and “That Asian”

I was able to read one article wherein it quoted a twitter reaction saying:

“First Pacquiao, now Spoelstra/Heat. Is Jessica Sanchez bad luck to Pinoy athletes/coaches? But she nailed the national anthem once again!”

I think that the person who twitted this must be superstitious.

Just to feel the vibes about Jessica's performances, I checked my own twitter feeds and saw this one from @phent0ts

"Oh noh, Jessica is singing?!? Baka matalo nanaman manok ko! LOL #Heat #HEATFinals"

It makes me think. Jessica has been involved in 2 different sporting events both involving Filipino (or Half Filipino) descent in which the results are loses.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley.

Pacquiao lost by a split decision to (the Judges) err, Bradley .

Oklahoma vs. Miami, Game 1 of NBA Finals.

Miami (collapsed) I mean, lost.

Some conspiracy theorist say that Jessica Sanchez shouldn't be involved with any sporting event where a Filipino is part of since they end up losing.

Tsk tsk, really now? You don't have to go that far and we can discuss that in another article. But nonetheless, Jessica Sanchez is now making her own mark in the American market, a feat that she so deserved.