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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tech News: Twitter and Facebook rule Philippine mobile users

According to a recent survey made by TNS, an international media research firm, Twitter and Facebook saw an increase in their popularity last year among Filipino mobile device users, thanks to cheap and unlimited data services.

The international media research firm also mentioned that a total of 91 percent of mobile device users in the Philippines this year access sites such as Facebook. This is a good 54% increase in penetration for the same population last 2010.

And it’s not just Facebook that got the interests of Filipino mobile device users, microblogging sites like Twitter saw a 17% increase in 2011 from 4% last 2010.

An estimated 73% of mobile phone users use their devices to send personal messages. Filipinos also use their mobile devices to enjoy digital music, video calling, bluetooth functionality, and as a planner for their calendar functions. This just shows that Filipino’s are putting their mobile devices into good use

While majority of Filipinos continue to use the short messaging service (SMS) on their mobile devices, the levels have been declining as social networking steps into the picture.

I wouldn't be surprised if the trend continues to go up every year, as mobile service providers continuously find ways on how to better incorporate data services packages into their mobile plans and services.

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