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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sports: 2011 NBA Championship: A DejaVu from 2006

Call it dejavu with a twist. This year’s 2011 NBA season is not deprived of plots and subplots as Miami vs Dallas will surely be barnburner. This is a rematch of an epic 2006 finals wherein Miami down 0-2 bounced back and won 4 straight games to capture their first Larry O’Brien trophy.

There are a lot of things to look out for this year’s NBA finals since a lot are at stake.

Miami – Is this the year where they start their reign as Kings of American Basketball? Will the experiment work? James, Wade and Bosh
Will they fulfil their promise of winning multiple championships together?
Will Eric Spoelstra win his 1st ever championship ring as a head coach?

Dallas – Is this the year where Dirk Nowitzki, Jsaon Kidd, Shawn Marion, and the rest of the Dallas mavericks win their 1st ring?
Is Tyson Chandler the missing link that they have been waiting for?
Will Rick Carlisle finally win his 1st championship ring as head coach?

A lot are at stake and pressures are high. Which team will step up to the plate and claim this year’s championship? Hold on to your seats as this will be one exciting series.

Dirk is on mission and you can see it in his eyes, though I can’t help but root for Eric Spoelstra who is Half-Filipino. Plus the fact that it’s the trio of Lebron, Wade and Bosh. So as for my thoughts as to who will win it?

Hate to say it but Dallas in 6.

Here is the game schedule:

US TV coverage by ABC

Game 1: Mavs @ Heat - Tue 5/31 9:00p ET
Game 2: Mavs @ Heat - Thu 6/02 9:00p ET
Game 3: Heat @ Mavs - Sun 6/05 8:00p ET
Game 4: Heat @ Mavs - Tue 6/07 9:00p ET
*Game 5: Heat @ Mavs – Thu 6/09 9:00p ET
*Game 6: Mavs @ Heat – Sun 6/12 8:00p ET
*Game 7: Mavs @ Heat – Tue 6/14 9:00p ET

* If necessary

Philippine Free TV Coverage ABS-CBN Channel 2

Game 1: Mavs @ Heat - Wed 6/01 9:00am
Game 2: Mavs @ Heat - Fri 6/03 9:00am
Game 3: Heat @ Mavs - Mon 6/06 8:00am
Game 4: Heat @ Mavs - Wed 6/08 9:00am
*Game 5: Heat @ Mavs – Fri 6/09 9:00am
*Game 6: Mavs @ Heat – Mon 6/13 8:00am
*Game 7: Mavs @ Heat – Wed 6/15 9:00am

* If necessary


Anonymous said...

i go for Dallas... they are more deserving than LBJ and the heat... a more deeper roster... and humble...

chinelas said...

I would like to agree with you but the fact remains, heat has the roster to do it. LBJ, WADE and BOSH vs DIRK and? I would be ecstatic for Dallas to win it. They deserve it especially Dirk but Heat would be too foolish to let it slip away.