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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How about commuting to work?

I came from a small city called Sta. Rosa in the province of Laguna and work at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig and I commute daily to and from work and to be honest it is sometimes hard to imagine how am I able to manage that ordeal for 5 long years (and counting). Though I have other officemates that lives much farther than where I live, I always get to see faces with bedazzled look and eyes popping whenever they would learn that I am from Sta. Rosa (considering that I am just an hour away from work sans the traffic of course).

I really like the idea of commuting since I get to observe lotsa stuff around, the irony of people rushing to work every morning while I calmly thread my way toward the MRT station not rushing to report for work but rather to get home and sleep. And oh, don't you just love the LRT train ride during Rush Hour? It is a freakin mess...People pushin one another just to get to ride the train, and the wait time for the next available train... anak ng pating...freaking loong...

Though I have been longing to having my own car but with the almost weekly rise in oil prices, I might as well stay as a commuter rather than spend a hundred pesos per liter, besides I get to sleep in the bus on the way home and give me some energy before settling for a 6-hour sleep and to help prepare me for yet another 8-hour shift in the evening.


sungit said...

I hate commuting that's why I always consider the place when looking for a job. I've been through it so I know what it looks like; the everday mess of pushin yourself just to get to MRT, traffic jam, pollution and most frustrating of it, you're LATE to work despite the everyday wrestle and effort to wake up early... Imagine, you step out of your house fresh, clean and odorfree... and by the time you get to work, you're like "basang-sisiw"..

I've been wanting and praying to have my own car... I know that it'll be soon. It will be given to me in His perfect time :)

Palakaibigan said...

You are not alone in this world... Do I hear an A-MEN
(Crowd shouting)

Hey sungit, a car is not a blessing nowadays, it's more of a burden because of traffic, oil price increase and maintenance, might as well pray for world peace.hehehe. Just don't forget your trusty hanky because the "basang sisiw" look will be the latest trend. ahhhhh... smokin!

bolekol said...

hmmmm....no comment...i'm always fresh when i come to work anyway...hahaha

bolekol said...

hmmmm...is this the war room?....no comment about this thread...i'm always fresh when i come to work anyway...hahaha

maldita said...

Whether it may be good or bad, it's still a blessing. Everything happens for a reason anyway.

For palakaibigan, might want to help sungit pray for world peace:p
And I think you'll need more of that trusty hanky 'coz from what I know you're far from your work.

Chubibo Espesyal said...

you guys are funny... the thought of having a debate excites you... don't you guys have anything good to do with your lives? or is it because.. you don't have a life? ahahaha.. busted! :)

kayiesha said...

i love commuting...bumping with other people..nd sometimes making frends with them..:)

memgap said...

I hate commuting as well but what can I do.. I was not born rich. :P But good thing I never experienced the Basang Sisiw look. :P