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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sports: Ron Artest says goodbye to the LA Lakers

Once the NBA lockout season is over, Ron Artest will not be playing for the Los Angeles lakers anymore instead Metta World Peace would take his place.

A Los Angeles court has completed the process for Ron Artest last Friday, September 16th which requested to have his name changed last June due to personal reasons. Ron Artest will now be using the surname, World Peace which is ironic since "Peace" hasn't been his strength in his NBA career. In 2004, he received one of the longest NBA bans in history for his role in a brawl with fans in which he raced into the stands in Detroit.

But before we get to see World Peace play in the NBA, we will be seeing him in the upcoming season of the hit TV dancing competition “Dancing with the Stars”

So once the NBA lockout is over, do not be surprised to see a new name wearing the Los Angeles Lakers jersey and hear a familiar beauty contest answer echoing the staples center.

World Peace!