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Monday, July 11, 2011

Tech Tips: Facebook Security Changed again

I know that most of us has a Facebook account and are likely using it everyday to interact with people and connect with long lost friends. But as a user we need to be wise enough to know the dangers that it would bring once an account is hacked or maliciously accessed. Most of you probably don't know that when accessing Facebook it has to be in a secured environment in order for it not to be hacked. Facebook has recently changed its security settings (again!) without notifying its users. Apparently, Facebook has automatically set to default the setting of everyone's account security to Non-Secure.

Take a look at your URL. If you see "http" or just "www" instead of "https", that means you DO NOT have a secure session & your account can be hacked. But don't fret, if you want to change this just go to Account Settings -> Account Security -> click Change. Check box (secure browsing), click Save. Then after that you should see the https://www.facebook.com as the url for your Facebook page.

It's definitely frustrating to know that Facebook would have to do this and not let their users know about it, but we just need to suck it up and learn it from someone else's.

Happy browsing everyone!

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Carlo said...

this sure is helpful coach rye. thanks!